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Empire Plumbing News: Garbage disposals finally allowed in Miami Beach!

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Finally after millions of dollars in recent upgrades to Miami Beach’s pipeline to Miami’s waste treatment and disposal infrastructure, (remember the years of digging, traffic stoppages, and metal plates on the roads all over the beach)? We are now finally allowed to have our garbage disposals!

No longer “No Garbage Disposals allowed” in Miami Beach… However, there are still contractors working on Miami Beach who don’t know this and will defend the “No Disposals allowed” rule out because they are not up to date.

So for a clean sink and a more sanitary home call Empire Plumbing today and have your new garbage disposal installed in Miami Beach professionally, fast, and at a fair price. Our experts with decades in the business will help you choose the right garbage disposal for your home or office.

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