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Empire Plumbing and Coldwell Banker Rep Team Up to Help the Bahamas

Empire Plumbing is partnering with Karen Stauber of Coldwell Banker in Miami to aid the victims of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas. The South Beach Plumbing Company located on Bay Road, has donated thousands of dollars in much needed supplies and is encouraging other businesses in South Beach to do the same to help disaster relief and recovery efforts for the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian devastated the island nation.

“It’s a small gesture but we believe it’s our duty to help the citizens of Bahamas during this very tough time. Every little bit helps so we’d like to challenge and encourage other local businesses to do what they can as well,” said Al Elbaz, President of Empire Plumbing.

The family-owned company is working with their client Karen Stauber of Coldwell Banker, as well as nonprofit partners to ensure the supplies go to communities in Bahamas that need it the most. Among the most needed supplies Empire Plumbing has donated and is encouraging others to do the same include:

Pallets of water

First aid products ( sterile gauze o 6x6 & 2x2, wound cleaning material, wrap bandages, 1 trauma first aid kit)

female hygiene products

baby wipes, diapers (all sizes)

deodorants, soap

tooth brushes and tooth paste

none perishables


bug spray

All city of Miami Fire Stations including some churches are accepting donations.

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