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Miami $900.00 water bill

Just received a call from Mrs. C who lives in South Miami.  Her water bill has jumped from less than $100 to $900.  The utility company,  Miami Dade Water and Sewer,  explained to her that it is her responsibility to find the leak. Obviously,  she was concerned about incurring plumbing costs and asked if she could do something to help identify the source of the leak.   I  referred her to the utility company’s web site where she could review their publication leak detector guide that helps Miami and adjacent areas consumers to identify the source of  leaks.     I was happy to walk her through the process so that she could do some of the investigative work herself. As a smart South Miami consumer, she had called other local companies and none  offered her any do it yourself leak detection options.

I have a plumber scheduled to come out to her South Miami home this afternoon and in the meantime she will attempt to have enough information to reduce the costs of the leak detection investigative work.

If the leak is underground/concealed she will be eligible for a retroactive credit to her water bill by using the Leak Credit Form which we will execute for her with the necessary back up documents to ensure that she receives the appropriate money credit from her utility company.

Our plumbers are Miami leak detection and repair specialists  and working with the information that she provides, as well as our own research once we come to her South Miami home, we will be able to give her a comprehensive analysis and cost estimate of the items that need to be repaired/replaced.

We pride ourselves in assisting our clients with cost savings practices and honest, professional, plumbing services.  It is for this reason that we have a portfolio of long standing, satisfied clients as part of the Empire Plumbing Family.

Mrs. C, welcome  to the Empire Plumbing Family and to a normal water bill.

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